Meet Halima Bakenne 

My name is Bakenne Halima but you can call me “Lima/Leamar” (just go with the flow).

 A graduate of finance from the prestigious University of Lagos. I dumped my certificate to follow my passion- talking and writing. I am a freelance OAP, writer and voiceover artist. I also am a makeup artist(although that is more of a hobby)

My journey to entrepreneurship has not fully started so I am going to skip talking about that!

However, being/getting into the media without a certificate of qualification has been really tough. The hardest part at the beginning for me was not getting my foot in the door (as my charming nature always helps with that 😉 ) but proving that I could actually do it.

So I started my website where I post weekly podcasts about life and relationship and that helped me build my confidence and speaking prowess (if you listen to my earlier podcasts and compare to the latest ones, the difference is very obvious. I sounded like a croach with my high voice looool).

 The dream is to be an impact on this generation and ones to come. Be an inspiration to someone out there by making them believe in the power of dreams!

Hmmmn… In 5 years, the most inspiring speaker, writer AND entrepreneur. Just wait and watch!

I am really a homebody, so movies, gisting and some snuggling  🙈 

If you dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough! Also Matt 25:15 keeps me going. 

My shoutout and love goes to every one out there grinding. Keep your head up! Pay day is almost here!!


Meet Victory and Shepherd 

My name is Victory Abang and I am a law student of the University of Lagos, a guitarist, song writer and a singer. 

I don’t have a nickname but my guitar does 🙂 his name is shepherd.
I am very passionate about slow songs and this is what led me to become a guitarist. I have been a singer since as far back as I can remember. 
My music is very diverse, I could be talking about the nation today, pouring my heart out to God on another day or even singing about love the next day. Most times when I get bored or lonely or, more importantly when I am very emotional, I just get out my instrument and it helps me express myself and that is how I make my best music. 
In five years time your first question to me will probably be “Victory,  how do you manage working in a top law firm and running a gospel band so easily?” 🙂 

And my answer will Most likely be “A Good God , and some Good friends” 🙂

But who knows??

What keeps me going are the many people I see on social media doing better, developing themselves and getting paid for it, and the dream that I too will be in the spotlight someday.
Shout out to my parents, they both inspire me in two different ways… thanks momma for the guitar 😚😚

Meet The Caterer 

My name is Ibinabo Moses Agbai – Ib for short. 

I studied hospitality management and I am a caterer by profession.

My journey into entrepreneurship started in my primary school days when I used to lived with my aunty that is a caterer – she studied abroad by the way. Back then we would spend most nights baking and making chops and spend our weekends cooking for parties. It was fun but hectic for me as a little girl. I felt punished with the endless chores and cooking 😁 . But as I grew older and started secondary school, I started enjoying it and fell in love – even with the chores. That was basically how the fire for cooking came to be lit in my heart.

I later went along to attend trainings and take catering related courses and then went on to register my company as Spicehouse catering limited.

So far, the journey has not been easy but I must say its been worth the ride. I have moved from cooking and baking for free which I still do every now and then, to catering for private firms. I have also managed the canteens of banks like Gt bank and fidelity bank.

At some point, when I freshly started, I had to stop a while because I was funding my advents myself and embarking on such a journey without support is not so much of an easy gig.The competition out there is also quite stiff because it is  really not the kind of business where you can really carve out a niche. Everywhere you turn, there is a caterer waiting to offer services, so finding myself in the business began to give me a lot to think about and I almost gave up the struggle. But then, I found courage in my passion for cooking and catering to people –  and I told myself there was a place for me and I could do anything I set my mind to. So, tadaaa 😁. Here I am getting paid to do my thing and loving it. 

I would love to share one risk in particular but the details might be a little too personal to divulge. But I can tell you that it affected my health and almost ended my career but I thank God for coming to the rescue like he always does. Taking risks is a part of our everyday lives as entrepreneurs – it is  what we do basically, so we never let it hinder or stop us.

I have big dreams to own a catering institute where teenagers will be trained in the art of catering. I also intend using the platform for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I look forward to owning restaurants all over the world, starting here in Nigeria.

From my view, five years from now, I cannot  tell what God has in store. His ways are always mind blowing and I trust in him. But I am positive that five years from now spicehouse will be a household name in Nigeria, having restaurants in many parts of Nigeria.

For fun I like to cook, sing, go swimming or boat cruising.

Shout out to my family for their support and specially my bone girl…my kid sister Praise Sam OGAN…. And to the best man in the world; my hubby of life, my sponsor, my backbone…thanks

There is room for everyone to rise, someone does not have to fall for you to rise. Your rising is not in anybody’s hand, there are too many opportunities.The earth is created to accommodate us all successfully… 

The fact that I do not need the downfall of any to succeed, I will succeed because I am designed to succeed keeps me going. 

Meet ‘The Special Effects Artist’ 

My name is Odunayo O. Fasakin. My family and friends call me OD, Mimare, or Zoe. 

I am a makeup artist, a special effect artist, a martial artist, a lover of children and a foodie, a fun loving person, but to mention a few 😁

As far back as I can remember, I know I have always been fascinated by art. Art for me is not just about paintings, there is more to art than the world knows. We live in a world of art; being able to create things, have innovative ideas and so on. It implies personal, unanalyzed creative power. As a little girl I used to mould stuffs out of clay and other materials. I have always had a flare for creating things with my hands and colours.

Instead of letting this talents go to waste, I decided to turn it into a skill and monetize it 🙈 ,  since it is very satisfying earning out of what one loves to do best.

Guilty! I did this 😁 

Face painting 

Old woman look

Gele tying

 I see make up and art generally as a way of expressing myself, my emotions and my thoughts. I usually say “your instruments are an extension of yourself” in my case my brushes, my paints, my makeup are extensions of myself.

Face beat by yours truly 😘 😍 

I see myself making a difference, I see myself being part of the top special effects artists in the world and if possible beyond. I hope to reach out to people create opportunities for people train people and also I want to create an avenue where people see the world differently through art.

By the grace of God in five years I hope to be among the top ten special effects artists in Nigeria and Africa by then my name and brand should be buzzing on everyone’s lips.

I love to dance, I love acting (see my skits on instagram @odunayomimare), I love going out, unfortunately I do not do that often 😐 , I love to read, I love to think up things and bring them to a domain where I can touch them. 

God is my constant helper any day, I have the most amazing family and my friends, they are a blessing to me.  

A big shout out to my family all my loved ones friends and sisters and brothers at heart I love you all.

These quotes keep me going: ”when the need is greatest,  help is nearest” and ”the future is what you make of now” 

Meet The Cynophile 

My name is Oreoluwa Oduko but different people have different nicknames for me, depending on our relationship ….😁

I am a lawyer by profession but I have more experience in marketing and brand advertisement. 

I actually started off marketing bags for a lady. Then I had opportunity to work with Jumia as a sales representative.
 During the 6 months ASUU strike back in 2013, I had my first experience with dogs (I have always loved them) and the pet world generally.

I developed real interest in animals and with my marketing skills, I started selling them. I had a dream of owning the largest pet and pet accessory store in the country, but life happened and all of that has been on hold for a while.

The biggest challenge, especially at the beginning was Nigerians attitude towards pets. Also, bad breeders who do not take their time to care for the animals have flooded the market and are selling not well bred dogs. People who do not know much about dogs have been misled by them and this gives tough time when I have to do business with the misled customers. Luckily, I think things are changing now,  although we still have a long way to go.

The upside however is having people that do not know me from anywhere send me huge amounts of money for dogs and I am able to deliver the dog to them without any issues. That, for me, coupled with being able to meet up targets and achieve the short term goals I have set for myself, is a great achievement. Follow pawsnaija on instagram and Twitter. 

One day, I want to own an animal farm, if possible branch into growing my own food. 

What I do for fun: I watch a lot of crime and detective shows, I love music a lot as well, I like to dance, I like to swim. I love to travel too, but the economy is one kind…. 😁 

I just want to be able to take care of my needs and provide for my family and friends.

I do not want to ever suffer, that is what keeps me going.

Meet The Beauty Artist

My name is Chidinma Stephanie Nnechi. No nickname biko 😁 
I graduated  from the University of Lagos, Akoka (UNILAG).

I am the creative director of xtremely gorgeous and I am also a beauty artist. I like to say I am beauty artist because I feel makeup artist restricts me. For me it goes beyond just the makeup.

I started this whole journey in 2012, I was in my second year in school. My cousin Pearl has a lot to do with who I am today. When she was coming back from London, I told her what I wanted to do and she bought everything I needed, I mean EVERYTHING! And they were all MAC products! I remember making my friends up for free when they wanted to go out. I even used to beg them to model for me, it was that bad. Most times, I have had to deal with difficult people who try to be smart, but God has always come to the rescue! We know that there’s stiff competition in this job, but I thank God because he has always been on my side.

I am grateful to God for where I am now and where he is taking me. It has not been easy but also, it has been amazing!

In 5yrs, hmmm just wait for it, in the mean time famz me now before it is too late ߘ¢.I have a major dream and it is already cooking so let’s wait till it is done.

No matter how busy I am, I always try to rest and have fun. I like going to the movies, hanging out with friends and so on.

The sky is large enough for all the birds to fly; it means you can always succeed in whatever you are doing no matter the competition.

 I want to appreciate my family especially my mum, she has been amazing and a strong pillar. Also not forgetting my cousins; Pearl, Mary and late Regina, all my friends, Tobi, Jummy, Ojoma and others. Also my wonderful clients! Without you there is no xtremely gorgeous, I love you all, God bless you for your support! For bookings call 07054567678 

IG; xtremely_gorgeous

Knowing that God has got me keeps me going, always. 

Meet The Event Planner 

My name is Ibrahim Odunayo Adeeko. You can call me Sally.

I am an event Planner. I have a B.A in Philosophy from the University of Lagos and I also study Chinese language at the Confucius Institute, University of Lagos. I am a believer of Jesus Christ.

My Journey to entrepreneurship started while I was an undergraduate. With my Uncle and Aunty sponsoring my education, I grew up to be independent. I started a small business; selling wallets and purses to students with a small capital and in months it tripled. The money I got from this business met my basic needs, I was able to save money and help others. I spent too much time on my business and spent less on studies and it affected my academics. I had to think of other things less time consuming that  could  fetch me money. 

A friend introduced me to ushering. At first, I wasn’t confident about being an event hostess, but after countless ushering auditions I became bolder and I answered every question I was asked with a big smile just so I could be shortlisted for a job. I soon realized that going for auditions was just a waste of my money and time. The way ladies where discriminated against during auditions and treated badly during ushering jobs inspired me to start my own ushering agency. I decided that if I started  my own event agency, I will make things easy for the ladies who work with me,  there will be no need for them to go through stressful auditions and they will not be poorly paid or cheated. This was how Sallyushers became a reality, with no capital and no clients. I Give glory to God for the growth of Sallyushers which is now Sally Events. From an unknown ushering agency we have become one of Nigeria’s best. 

There is no short cut to being successful. I put in a lot of volunteering, helped people plan their events for free, organized ushers without collecting money. This worked because I started getting referrals from those I helped. At Sally Events we treat every event as important, we do not give poor service because a client is paying less. We treasure clients and deliver ushering and event planning services more than the money’s worth.

The journey so far has been a good one. In the past five years, we have coordinated numerous events, ranging from weddings to birthdays, seminars, concerts, award dinners, beauty pageants, book launch and lots more. We have had opportunity to work in the Miss Universe beauty pageant 2014, UNILAG Convocation ceremony 2015, UNILAG award dinner and homecoming award for the vice president of Nigeria, the first award winning lecture by the governing board of the Nigerian merit award 2016 and so many others. You can see a short video of us at

With Sally Events, I want to provide stable job opportunities for young ladies who are ready to be self dependent. By God’s grace young entrepreneurs will be trained with different skills like decoration, lighting and effects, catering, photography, makeup, cloth designing, catering, Mc, Entertainment, stage building and lots more needed to make an event happen. Visit my blog at

In Five years Sally Events will still be here but bigger and better. Major humanitarian projects which are still ideas now would be accomplished. I will be a better and stronger person, blessings lives and impacting my generation.

For fun; I swim. I also like reading, writing, traveling and cooking.

My  shout out is to young ladies out there who has determined in their heart to honour God with their bodies. To those ladies who will do what is right and not depend on any man to take care of their every need. To every lady who has chosen to be honest and hardworking.

The Holyspirt motivates me and Knowing that my future is secure in Christ keeps me going.

Contact us:

Phone Number:08134015365, 07055919901


Facebook: Sallyushers

Instagram: @sallyeventandushers