My Nysc Experience I

Enugu guys are funny though. 
So in the few days I have lived here, I have noticed  something about guys in Enugu state. 

They will stand somewhere and when they see you pass, they start shouting suuuusuuuu (however it is spelt. But you know the sound I am talking about, when someone is trying to call you) or corper! corper! (if I am wearing my khaki). Personally, when I hear that sound, I don’t even bother to look back or check if they are trying to catch my attention, I just keep moving. But I realized that they never really stop until you answer them or get out of that zone. So when it becomes embarrassingly obvious that it is me they are trying to call, I turn. And guess what! They tell me to come (hand gesture). I just shake my head and walk away and they will continue calling  with that funny sound o.

The most annoying for me was the last time I went to the market. I was trying to get curtains  and this guy behind me would just not stop suuuusuuuuing. I was really trying to bargain hard and the sound was beginning to irritate me so I turned and shouted “what”? And he gave me the ‘come’ hand gesture. I just continued with the pricing. At some point, it looked like I was going walk away but I just wanted to see another curtain,  and the man started again.  I didn’t even answer, I continued bargaining. Then he got up to collect something in front of me and he said ” I’m calling you and you don’t want to answer, when you finish buying, come and meet me”. I asked him why? And he said he wants to talk to me. Then I asked “can’t you come and meet me?” the reply I got is ” man no go fit come meet woman, na woman go meet man”. In my mind I’m like; dude!  you just passed me, why didn’t you just say what you had to say? And when did it become a rule that a woman has to meet the guy? This is my first time of hearing that o, and I heard it here, in enugu! I told him “OK, sit down there and wait, if you don’t know how to get up and get what you want”. If I didn’t answer him in the first place, it is not like he would have walked up to me to say “sister I want to talk to  you”. It was just mere coincidence that he had to pick something someone dropped off for him in front of me. Whether it is laziness to move or just pride, that one is their own business. And he will not say he was shy because he was suuuuusuuuuuing so loudly and he wasn’t even courteous in asking to talk to me. While  he was there looking at me, I bought the curtain and walked away. 

Maybe I was wrong o, you can tell me in your comment below but seriously, first of all, I think it is very rude to address people as suuuusuuuu. Secondly I don’t think there are hard and fast rules to these things, if the lady cannot come and meet you, oga move! Na you wan chyke abi toast. It is not like her money fell down and you are trying to help her and she is there doing shakara. 

I don’t know if it is peculiar to enugu guys o or guys who live in enugu but I just thought to pour our my heart.