My NYSC Experience V

“Blessing we have to go to Abakiliki now. There is a case we have to handle. We may even visit the government house”. My boss said.
I was not particularly excited about going to Ebonyi state because I have heard a lot of trash stories about it. Any state worse than Enugu and Anambra state in the eastern parts of Nigeria is just not my ideal place. On the flip side, I wanted to add to my collection of states visited. So as tired as I was, I dressed up (very casually tho),  picked up my phone and got into the vehicle. There is always a thrill riding with armed men, knowing all the men behind with the guns are there just to make sure I arrive safely 😁 

A little throwback. Earlier today, the 82 division of the Nigerian Army commissioned their water project and a number of refurbished vehicles. I ushered during the event. I tried getting my family to watch NTA to see me on TV offering the governor scissors to commission the buses 😁 and also standing with my friend while she gave the governor cups to drink water from the taps.

By the time the event ended, I was super tired and the last thing I wanted was to be on a bumpy road. 

So my journey to Abakiliki started and the first thing I noticed was the road. In the ride from Enugu to Abakiliki, there was no single port hole, I am not exaggerating. Except we just did not get into one. 

I had to ask how that was even possible compared to what we know Ebonyi for. I was told that the present governor made it possible, he is an engineer, they said. 
Another thing I noticed was that the city is clean!  When I say clean, I mean clean. I did not find litters and dumps along the road. Also the buildings along the road looked new,some of the building had similar paint colors and designs. I asked again about it and I was told the governor made it possible. The man sitting close to me said “his Excellency Engr Dave Nweze Umehi loves bright and beautiful things. He put up streetlights on every road. Not just the overhead lights but also the road lights”  (I hope that is what they are called 😁 the lights planted in the ground) I was like wow! 

Then he said “look at the bridge the governor is constructing”. It was a really long one and at its completion stage. I just kept on taking pictures trying to capture the bridge

(I could not capture the length of it 😐   ) 

And while I was still soaking that in, he said “look at our fountains, they never go off except when they have to do the maintenance.” It was beautiful. He said “I wish you will be around at night to see how beautiful it looks”. And I’m like so it can get ‘beautifuller?’ 😁 (pardon my use of English). 

The driver said “we never have total blackouts here. Light mainly goes out when there is a problem with it. In fact after resuming office, His Excellency made sure nobody paid electricity bills for four months until the electricity board complied with providing us with constant light. And now, we pay less for even better electricity”. 

I am not saying the state is spotlessly perfect, because I was taken to one of the best hotels and I was not so impressed. It is beautiful but it can definitely be better. 

Luckily for me, I got to visit the government house. I am not going to compare it to any other government house because I have not really had the opportunity to be in the ‘presidential parlour’ of any other government house. But my people, my people. This place is fine. I wish I have other words to classify it with apart from fine and beautiful 😁 I was allowed to take pictures in the government house but I am not entirely sure if I can put them up on social media. 

On our way out, it was dark already so I saw Abakiliki in its full glory. The policeman with us told us that the governor is also very kin about maintenance as he personally makes sure that no single light goes out.If any is faulty, it is replaced immediately.  

(unfortunately the videos are not uploading. Check my Facebook and Instagram pages for videos) 

I put up some pictures and videos of the city on my WhatsApp status and someone said “I think you are a fan of the Ebonyi state governor”. 

But when I see good things abeg I appreciate them. My Nysc Experience stories are not only about the bads you know 😁 and notice that I had to quote people a lot, so I did not imagine things ☺ Ebonyi is no longer what people know it to be and I pray that whoever takes over from the present administration will maintain the beautiful work done there. 

God bless Ebonyi state.