My Nysc Experience III

But NYSC why? 
I write this with a broken heart, knowing that I am going to be doing this for another 10 months or so. 

December was a joke, I guess it was because we had to payroll and document at the local government at the same time so we did not  have to go through the hassle. 

It all started for me on the 1st day in February 2017. Payrolling for the month of February started after the one done in January was cancelled. My CDS group meets on Wednesdays but we were slated to payroll on Tuesday the next week. Our CDS president promised us that he would talk to our LI (Local Government Inspector) to allow us payroll this Wednesday since our CDS holds the same day.

We got news that she agreed. So filled with Joy, we rushed downstairs to join the other Corps members. The crowd was ‘amazing’. We had to queue, so I jejely joined the line for over 1 hour, of course I was at the baaaacccck. With people trying to jump the line and all, the line was not moving. Then we heard they were giving numbers before you can payroll, so we raced to get our numbers and guess what! I was number 23! Cool…. I smiled to myself. I went back to the payrolling place and the drama was still very much on. They said they would not use the numbers we almost paid with our blood to get. 

(Note: the whole time, were standing under the sun.) Everybody just crowded the place and I guess the LI (who insisted she would payroll everyone herself) was suffocating in her office asked us to stand according to our CDS groups. 

By this time, everyone was pushing. When I say pushing, I mean PUSSSSHING!!! Guys, ladies, everyone, everywhere. Back to back, body to body. Everyone was touching, grinding, shoving,  pushing,  fighting and sweating to to get to the front of the line. I was like “what madness!” when I complained, a lady beside me said “you are BATCH B right?” I said yes. She laughed and said “this is how it always is, get ready to do this every month” and she  strolled away. I think it was cold sweat that covered me. 

I heard it has always being a messy situation but the reason it was so messed up this time is because NYSC decided that payrolling should be by thumbprints. 

However, they made only one computer and thumb printing machine available to the local government (at least that is what we could see). 

After waiting for about 4 hours to payroll, the  LI told our group to go and return the next week. By this time, my white otondo t-shirt was no longer as white as it came, I was hungry and tired and pissed off especially as I still had issues with the bank ( remember the bank issue right? If you missed it, please click on My Nysc Experience Btw, They refunded the money o and yesterday deducted N700 for card issuance fee. Abeg, bankers how many times do people pay for card issuance? I paid for it before, N1300!). So my brothers and sisters,  I went home and returned yesterday for payrolling. 

Some people were there as early as 7:30am. I thought things would have calmed down or they would have found a better way to handle the situation since it started last week. But no, the struggling and fighting began again. Our LI ordered everyone to go back to their respective CDS meeting venues,  that she would would come up herself to pick 10 persons from each group. (and again, I’m like WHY? we have presidents of groups, we have executive members, is it that they cannot handle calling people in batches or they cannot control their members or she just wants to do everything herself? The time it takes going from one group to another can be used in payrolling some people). 

Anyway back to my gist. So there was a list and I was number 106 and by 3:30pm,  we were on number 20 something. She did her rounds 3 times and chaos returned. Everybody rushed down and the struggle continued. 

Me ba, I cannot come and die. I just stood at the back. ‘When the drama is over, I will payroll’ I told myself. 

Some people left angrily to return on Friday. Me, I cannot deal with that, it has to be today, I cannot do this another day (in this month at least). 

At some minutes past 6, it got to my turn, (  Phew! Finally! Since morning!!!). So I put my finger to thumbprint and guess what,  my profile didn’t show up. (mogbe! Yea! This automatically means ‘come back on Friday’ no way) eh! I started praying in my mind o like ‘Lord you have help me, please help me!!! (Because the people returning on Friday are more than those around today). She tried 3 more times and still nothing. She was going to tell me  to come back on Friday when she decided  tried one last time. And BOOM! There I was on the computer screen. THANK YOU LORD! 

But my heart is still heavy. I still have to do this next month and the other and the other. Why? 

Why can’t a more organized way of payrolling be adopted? For example, more computers and thumb printing machines can be provided so that each CDS group can use them on each meeting day.  

Also, alternatives for those whose prints cannot be captured should be provided to make things easier and avoid missing attendance at their PPAs more than necessary. 

And lastly, Nigerians should learn to stop jumping queues. If we can all stay in our lines, things will be organised and in that way work faster and better. 
I rest my case. 

Enjoy the rest of your day 😍 .