Meet Divine Johnson 

My name is Divine Johnson but I prefer to be called Divny. My nicknames vary from time to time depending on where I am or what I am doing, so I do not stick to any of them. 

I am a 100 level linguistics student of the University of Benin. I am a fashion designer. I am also into baking, sugarcraft and event decoration, and I am a Gospel actor. 

I love fashion, I love to be unique. It got to a stage in my life when my fashion designer could not interprete the crazy styles I had in my head. I had to learn fashion designing in order to bring those styles into fashion myself.

On baking, sugarcraft and event decoration, my mum has a catering store. She was just baking and cooking alone because she cannot decorate, but her clients were always asking for an event decorator. I had to go out there and learn it. I have got three certificates in catering from three different catering institutions. 

So far, I have looked for competition in these fields. I also put my work out there as competition for others and it is called the YES2CREATIVITY concept. It is a portal to reach creativity. 

In five years, yes2crecreativity should be a label on its own. Everyone should know it for its production of creative stuff and superb competition. 

My passion to set free the imprisoned creativity in youths keeps me going. 

Shout out to Jah! To myself 😁, to my fans and lovers out there. 


Meet Bruno Ogbe Agbonze 

My name is Bruno Ogbe Agbonze. You can call me Bruno Ogbe which is also My Stage Name (Glim) But not yet popular. 

I am a 200 level student of Computer Science of the University of Benin. I am a Gospel Singer and a Recording Artist. 

 I also dance and do graphics, but I am more into my music. 

I actually did not take it seriously when I was younger. I remember I did not even join choir call when I was in secondary school.  I felt Gospel music was boring at that time. I loved Psquare so much, I still love them. But someone who is now my Role Model (Frank Edwards) came out with a new style of gospel that I love so much. This changed me and I discovered overtime the real mindset and Joy behind Gospel songs. I experienced a great change in my thoughts towards singing, which I know it was the Holy Spirit. 

I remember I was the shy type and had a low self esteem. I used to get scared and to shy to talk among my peers, I do not really know why I was scared then. 

But later, I found myself singing on several stages and different churches and I am always happy doing it even without being paid 😁 but I know that soon, people will be paying (Just Kidding) but it is definitely going to get to that stage. 

My First ever studio session was a song I was featured in. I was called to backup a song, one of the songs of the producer. It did not stop there, he insisted that I take part in one of the songs in his album he was working on (‘What can I give’ is the title), the song came out successful and then he decided to produce a song for me, that how my first song (Uwese) was given birth to. You can listen to  and download Uwese @ iTunes link: 

Youtube link:

 Not Just OK link: 

Naijafy link: 

Gospel Naija Link:

I did not actually write the song, I do not write songs, they just come especially when I am playing the piano. 

I just dropped two songs yesterday. Download I’m a star on

And no one else on


The journey as not been that easy. The biggest challenge of being a Gospel Artiste is lack of sponsorship and encouragement compared to the secular artistes that easily get endorsements and sponsors. 

 Also, as Gospel artists, we are expected to live as examples. I think people expect so much from us that they forget we are humans too and blood flow through our veins just like them. But it is nice being in the spotlight having Jesus at heart because He will guide you through temptations and trials of the flesh and from pride, because fame easily influences our thoughts. 

Being relevant is success already because not everyone is able to get to this level. Although I am not yet where I want to be, but there is a big difference compared to when I started. I have been able take my songs out for the world to hear, that is great success already. 

I have had opportunity to meet and be known by Frank Edwards, I received a piano from him. I have also performed along side great Artistes like Jude Sax, Chiyere from Project Fame, Phemmy the Alade ogo crooner. 

I love what am doing, although the money is not coming now but I love the fact that I am blessing and I am changing lives with my Gift and I am using it for the Glory of God and His son Jesus. 
My Dreams is to become a Super Star. A wealthy and Famous one actually 😁 , Spreading the gospel through my songs and making impact in the lives of every persons around the world. I am also planning on building up some young and gifted persons through a Platform, which I will soon Review,  it is Called Glim’s Court. I am starting from my church,  all the branches precisely will be part of it. 
In five years I will still be singing, my Passion for music is emphasised, I miss classes because of Programs sometimes though, which I know is bad! But I do not see myself doing anything else than singing. 
Outside music I do Graphics and try to learn new stuff on my computer.

The word of God keeps me going.. Because sometimes I get discouraged. My favorite scripture is (1 Thessalonians  5:24 Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it) this scripture keeps me going and builds my confidence when I am down 
Shout out goes to My Mum, Frank Edwards, My Friends, Fams who have supported and also my dear friend Miracle Chizzy.