Meet Divine Johnson 

My name is Divine Johnson but I prefer to be called Divny. My nicknames vary from time to time depending on where I am or what I am doing, so I do not stick to any of them. 

I am a 100 level linguistics student of the University of Benin. I am a fashion designer. I am also into baking, sugarcraft and event decoration, and I am a Gospel actor. 

I love fashion, I love to be unique. It got to a stage in my life when my fashion designer could not interprete the crazy styles I had in my head. I had to learn fashion designing in order to bring those styles into fashion myself.

On baking, sugarcraft and event decoration, my mum has a catering store. She was just baking and cooking alone because she cannot decorate, but her clients were always asking for an event decorator. I had to go out there and learn it. I have got three certificates in catering from three different catering institutions. 

So far, I have looked for competition in these fields. I also put my work out there as competition for others and it is called the YES2CREATIVITY concept. It is a portal to reach creativity. 

In five years, yes2crecreativity should be a label on its own. Everyone should know it for its production of creative stuff and superb competition. 

My passion to set free the imprisoned creativity in youths keeps me going. 

Shout out to Jah! To myself 😁, to my fans and lovers out there. 


Ode to a Phoenix 

I woke up on the 20th day of March 2017 and looked around the room we shared for about four years. There was a lady with red hair on the bed. I know she is not wearing a red hair, so who is this? Oh! This is my baby sis. 

It all started coming back. She is married now. The inevitable tinge of loneliness crept in, lagos will never be the same for me without her. However great joy also filled my heart, finally!!! They are legal. I am so happy for them, rest assured that she is well taken care of and happy. 

I arrived the University of Lagos, Akoka and my first set of roommates would not stop talking about an amazing lady. One day, shouts of “she is back” filled the air. I had to see her, so I found a reason to go to the house. She answered the door and her eyes made me stagger. Pure light brown and strokes of green. Did I say a word?  Did I walk or run to my room? I cannot tell. I just wanted to hide from the eyes that seemed to look into my soul. And God!  She was beautiful. 

Over time, we bonded. And she became everything I prayed for and more. 

She is a God lover, one who will go the extra mile to seek God and do his will. A hardworker, one who puts her very soul into any task at hand she has to do. A chef indeed, I think I am still under the spell of her jollof rice 😁. She is a ‘Faither’ I had to coin that word for her. She is one of the most optimistic persons I know who would find solution to almost any problem and believe until it comes to pass. She is beautiful inside out; not just for her flawless skin, captivating eyes and shape that screams ‘hawt’ but also beauty that shines from inside that makes basically everything she touches turn to gold.

 She is a lover to a fault. When she loves you, she loves you and will do almost anything for you as long as it lies within her. 
But then, she is human and not perfect. She has a mind of her own and operates at a very high level of intelligence which is a good thing if you can flow with her and please do not be slow and dull 😁 

She has had her fair share of ups and downs. She has cried many times and had her heart broken mostly by the ‘Brutus” she trusted,  since she is a very open and trusting person. She has gone through pain and rejection. But like gold, she comes out refined 

She allows God help her heal and forgive,  not holding grudges and hurt but loving even more,  which gives her the peace she has today. 

Like the Phoenix, she rises. 

In the few years we were together, I have learned a lot; to love without holding back, to trust and hold God to his word without relenting, to give when there is genuine need, to be a lady and be strong, to have fun and still be Christian, to stand up for myself and what I believe even in the face of opposition,  to go for the best and not settle for less and to help as many as I can especially young ladies who are struggling with issues most people do not care about. 

Some people said I would not go far associating with you, see how far God has brought us and made me. 

God blessed you with a wonderful man, your “dioma”. The children have an amazing mother. 

To my sister, my friend, my cousin, my mother, my brother, my body guard 😁, my girlfriend, my fitness trainer, my support, and gist partner and my prayer partner Jane Uloma Mac Job-Ujah; I love you without wax

Happy married life 

Meet The Caterer 

My name is Ibinabo Moses Agbai – Ib for short. 

I studied hospitality management and I am a caterer by profession.

My journey into entrepreneurship started in my primary school days when I used to lived with my aunty that is a caterer – she studied abroad by the way. Back then we would spend most nights baking and making chops and spend our weekends cooking for parties. It was fun but hectic for me as a little girl. I felt punished with the endless chores and cooking 😁 . But as I grew older and started secondary school, I started enjoying it and fell in love – even with the chores. That was basically how the fire for cooking came to be lit in my heart.

I later went along to attend trainings and take catering related courses and then went on to register my company as Spicehouse catering limited.

So far, the journey has not been easy but I must say its been worth the ride. I have moved from cooking and baking for free which I still do every now and then, to catering for private firms. I have also managed the canteens of banks like Gt bank and fidelity bank.

At some point, when I freshly started, I had to stop a while because I was funding my advents myself and embarking on such a journey without support is not so much of an easy gig.The competition out there is also quite stiff because it is  really not the kind of business where you can really carve out a niche. Everywhere you turn, there is a caterer waiting to offer services, so finding myself in the business began to give me a lot to think about and I almost gave up the struggle. But then, I found courage in my passion for cooking and catering to people –  and I told myself there was a place for me and I could do anything I set my mind to. So, tadaaa 😁. Here I am getting paid to do my thing and loving it. 

I would love to share one risk in particular but the details might be a little too personal to divulge. But I can tell you that it affected my health and almost ended my career but I thank God for coming to the rescue like he always does. Taking risks is a part of our everyday lives as entrepreneurs – it is  what we do basically, so we never let it hinder or stop us.

I have big dreams to own a catering institute where teenagers will be trained in the art of catering. I also intend using the platform for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I look forward to owning restaurants all over the world, starting here in Nigeria.

From my view, five years from now, I cannot  tell what God has in store. His ways are always mind blowing and I trust in him. But I am positive that five years from now spicehouse will be a household name in Nigeria, having restaurants in many parts of Nigeria.

For fun I like to cook, sing, go swimming or boat cruising.

Shout out to my family for their support and specially my bone girl…my kid sister Praise Sam OGAN…. And to the best man in the world; my hubby of life, my sponsor, my backbone…thanks

There is room for everyone to rise, someone does not have to fall for you to rise. Your rising is not in anybody’s hand, there are too many opportunities.The earth is created to accommodate us all successfully… 

The fact that I do not need the downfall of any to succeed, I will succeed because I am designed to succeed keeps me going. 

Meet The Event Planner 

My name is Ibrahim Odunayo Adeeko. You can call me Sally.

I am an event Planner. I have a B.A in Philosophy from the University of Lagos and I also study Chinese language at the Confucius Institute, University of Lagos. I am a believer of Jesus Christ.

My Journey to entrepreneurship started while I was an undergraduate. With my Uncle and Aunty sponsoring my education, I grew up to be independent. I started a small business; selling wallets and purses to students with a small capital and in months it tripled. The money I got from this business met my basic needs, I was able to save money and help others. I spent too much time on my business and spent less on studies and it affected my academics. I had to think of other things less time consuming that  could  fetch me money. 

A friend introduced me to ushering. At first, I wasn’t confident about being an event hostess, but after countless ushering auditions I became bolder and I answered every question I was asked with a big smile just so I could be shortlisted for a job. I soon realized that going for auditions was just a waste of my money and time. The way ladies where discriminated against during auditions and treated badly during ushering jobs inspired me to start my own ushering agency. I decided that if I started  my own event agency, I will make things easy for the ladies who work with me,  there will be no need for them to go through stressful auditions and they will not be poorly paid or cheated. This was how Sallyushers became a reality, with no capital and no clients. I Give glory to God for the growth of Sallyushers which is now Sally Events. From an unknown ushering agency we have become one of Nigeria’s best. 

There is no short cut to being successful. I put in a lot of volunteering, helped people plan their events for free, organized ushers without collecting money. This worked because I started getting referrals from those I helped. At Sally Events we treat every event as important, we do not give poor service because a client is paying less. We treasure clients and deliver ushering and event planning services more than the money’s worth.

The journey so far has been a good one. In the past five years, we have coordinated numerous events, ranging from weddings to birthdays, seminars, concerts, award dinners, beauty pageants, book launch and lots more. We have had opportunity to work in the Miss Universe beauty pageant 2014, UNILAG Convocation ceremony 2015, UNILAG award dinner and homecoming award for the vice president of Nigeria, the first award winning lecture by the governing board of the Nigerian merit award 2016 and so many others. You can see a short video of us at

With Sally Events, I want to provide stable job opportunities for young ladies who are ready to be self dependent. By God’s grace young entrepreneurs will be trained with different skills like decoration, lighting and effects, catering, photography, makeup, cloth designing, catering, Mc, Entertainment, stage building and lots more needed to make an event happen. Visit my blog at

In Five years Sally Events will still be here but bigger and better. Major humanitarian projects which are still ideas now would be accomplished. I will be a better and stronger person, blessings lives and impacting my generation.

For fun; I swim. I also like reading, writing, traveling and cooking.

My  shout out is to young ladies out there who has determined in their heart to honour God with their bodies. To those ladies who will do what is right and not depend on any man to take care of their every need. To every lady who has chosen to be honest and hardworking.

The Holyspirt motivates me and Knowing that my future is secure in Christ keeps me going.

Contact us:

Phone Number:08134015365, 07055919901


Facebook: Sallyushers

Instagram: @sallyeventandushers