Meet Divine Johnson 

My name is Divine Johnson but I prefer to be called Divny. My nicknames vary from time to time depending on where I am or what I am doing, so I do not stick to any of them. 

I am a 100 level linguistics student of the University of Benin. I am a fashion designer. I am also into baking, sugarcraft and event decoration, and I am a Gospel actor. 

I love fashion, I love to be unique. It got to a stage in my life when my fashion designer could not interprete the crazy styles I had in my head. I had to learn fashion designing in order to bring those styles into fashion myself.

On baking, sugarcraft and event decoration, my mum has a catering store. She was just baking and cooking alone because she cannot decorate, but her clients were always asking for an event decorator. I had to go out there and learn it. I have got three certificates in catering from three different catering institutions. 

So far, I have looked for competition in these fields. I also put my work out there as competition for others and it is called the YES2CREATIVITY concept. It is a portal to reach creativity. 

In five years, yes2crecreativity should be a label on its own. Everyone should know it for its production of creative stuff and superb competition. 

My passion to set free the imprisoned creativity in youths keeps me going. 

Shout out to Jah! To myself 😁, to my fans and lovers out there. 


Meet Victory and Shepherd 

My name is Victory Abang and I am a law student of the University of Lagos, a guitarist, song writer and a singer. 

I don’t have a nickname but my guitar does 🙂 his name is shepherd.
I am very passionate about slow songs and this is what led me to become a guitarist. I have been a singer since as far back as I can remember. 
My music is very diverse, I could be talking about the nation today, pouring my heart out to God on another day or even singing about love the next day. Most times when I get bored or lonely or, more importantly when I am very emotional, I just get out my instrument and it helps me express myself and that is how I make my best music. 
In five years time your first question to me will probably be “Victory,  how do you manage working in a top law firm and running a gospel band so easily?” 🙂 

And my answer will Most likely be “A Good God , and some Good friends” 🙂

But who knows??

What keeps me going are the many people I see on social media doing better, developing themselves and getting paid for it, and the dream that I too will be in the spotlight someday.
Shout out to my parents, they both inspire me in two different ways… thanks momma for the guitar 😚😚

Meet ‘The Special Effects Artist’ 

My name is Odunayo O. Fasakin. My family and friends call me OD, Mimare, or Zoe. 

I am a makeup artist, a special effect artist, a martial artist, a lover of children and a foodie, a fun loving person, but to mention a few 😁

As far back as I can remember, I know I have always been fascinated by art. Art for me is not just about paintings, there is more to art than the world knows. We live in a world of art; being able to create things, have innovative ideas and so on. It implies personal, unanalyzed creative power. As a little girl I used to mould stuffs out of clay and other materials. I have always had a flare for creating things with my hands and colours.

Instead of letting this talents go to waste, I decided to turn it into a skill and monetize it 🙈 ,  since it is very satisfying earning out of what one loves to do best.

Guilty! I did this 😁 

Face painting 

Old woman look

Gele tying

 I see make up and art generally as a way of expressing myself, my emotions and my thoughts. I usually say “your instruments are an extension of yourself” in my case my brushes, my paints, my makeup are extensions of myself.

Face beat by yours truly 😘 😍 

I see myself making a difference, I see myself being part of the top special effects artists in the world and if possible beyond. I hope to reach out to people create opportunities for people train people and also I want to create an avenue where people see the world differently through art.

By the grace of God in five years I hope to be among the top ten special effects artists in Nigeria and Africa by then my name and brand should be buzzing on everyone’s lips.

I love to dance, I love acting (see my skits on instagram @odunayomimare), I love going out, unfortunately I do not do that often 😐 , I love to read, I love to think up things and bring them to a domain where I can touch them. 

God is my constant helper any day, I have the most amazing family and my friends, they are a blessing to me.  

A big shout out to my family all my loved ones friends and sisters and brothers at heart I love you all.

These quotes keep me going: ”when the need is greatest,  help is nearest” and ”the future is what you make of now”