About ‘The Fashionista’ 

I met Mary in my 4th year in the University of Lagos, Kofo hostel room 318 ☺.  I call her a certain name,  she will not approve of that name being online. However 😉 #hint; has to do with a rhyme that has Mary in it 😁 

If people are born with gifts, hers is definitely fashion. I have seen her put a lot  of weird pieces of clothing together to produce amazing outfits. When I heard she was starting out as an official fashioista, to help people through their struggle on what to wear on different occasions, I just knew that everything  will definitely be  alright. 

Although in Nigeria, it seems like this line of fashion is not as wide spread as in most other countries, she is doing good for herself and she may be able to really crack this aspect of fashion. 

She is a very kind person and easy to work with. So no matter how poor your judgement on what to wear is, she will not laugh ( I’m the laughaholic 😁, OK kidding). 

The next time you have an event, an interview and so on to attend, and  you are in a fix/dilemma on what to wear,  just DM Mary and she will be there to see you through it. She can access your choices and approve or make adjustments here and there. The most amazing part is, it wouldn’t  cost you so much to slay that outing because, she loves to help people look good, so she doesn’t  charge so much and from time to time she offers free services for her valued clients.

Follow her on instagram @dim_phyna.

Remember; Never wait for a second chance to make a first impression. The way you dress says a lot about you. 

#photocredit: Google