About ‘The Event Planner’ 

Did you know, that the Chinese translation for event planner is Jìhuà rén, cèhuà rén? (计划人,策划人) 😁 I had to learn that fun fact because this event planner loves Chinese 😉 
I met Odunayo Adeeko in my 2nd year at the University of Lagos, Akoka. We worked together at the Distance Learning Institute for about 3 years during their residential examination. 

I will tell you what I know from working closely with her, she has a heart of gold, she loves to share, encourage people and has a smile on that face for every situation no matter now complicated. She was a hustler. And a BIG GOD LOVER!!! 

She used to organize ladies to usher during events and go for auditions. She took me with her once for an audition and surprising enough, I was shortlisted for the coson foundation ushering job 😁 . Because of a lot of not nice things that goes on during auditions and ushering, she decided to start her own agency. I knew she was really serious when she started to print fliers for Sally ushers.

And Sally Ushers (as it used to be called) just kept growing. Today, Sally ushers (now Sally Events) has grown so big and I am proud of her. It all started with an idea, not even finances. 

So, if you need that touch of perfection to your event, do contact Sally Events on; Phone Number:08134015365, 07055919901

Email: adeekoodunayo79@yahoo.com

Facebook: Sallyushers

Instagram: @sallyeventandushers


You can also check out her blog on sallyushers.blogspot.com.ng and see a short video of Sally Events on https://youtu.be/q7hTHro5Ad8 

 It is not all about the money, you too can start from where you are. Bee the change.