Meet Blessing Ewulo  

My name is Ewulo Blessing, my nickname is Unique Bee. 

I am a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University,  Ile Ife.  I studied food science and engineering, currently undergoing my youth service with Standards organisation of Nigeria (SON). 

I am an entrepreneur; a clothier. 

I would say being an entrepreneur has always been my thing. I got this from my mum who in her little way has done a lot of businesses  in combination with her job as a civil servant. She is retired now and still does business. I have helped market quite a number of products for my mum. So, I decided to start a business of selling Adire in my third year in school, I was undergoing my Industrial training at 7up bottling Company Abuja.

I bless God for how far he has taken the business. Convincing people to buy a particular brand of fabric they are not normally used to can be very challenging. However, once they have gotten positive comments about the product, they tend to patronize more. The important thing with sales of a product is your ability to convince your customers to patronize you. 

There is still a lot of grounds to cover in the area of my business. It is my dream by the grace of God to get majority (if not all) of the people I come in contact with to wear the made in Nigeria fabric known as “Adire”. I want to make this an acceptable way of dressing among every tribe and culture not just the Yoruba tribe. I also look forward to exporting this fabric. 

Here are some beautiful pictures of Adire rockers I found;

A pre wedding picture 😍 

Adekunle Gold 😘 

In five years, Lol… You will probably find me at one of my chain of stores that deals on African fabrics as a whole,  especially made in Nigeria fabrics (Adire, Aso okê, and others)

Asides this, for fun, I watch movies a lot, I sew,  I am not much of an outdoor person but I like hanging out with friends when I can.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. Keeps me going. 

You can reach us on Instagram @adirehub or send us a mail.

  A big shout out to NANCY a friend I met in camp who introduced me to this blog. Shout out to my mum too,  for being my inspiration.


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