Meet BuzeB

My name is Abu Eche Ben. BuzeB is my nickname.

I am a graduate of Mathematic/computer science (ed) and I am presently a corps member serving in Enugu state.

I am a fashion designer (BuzeB clothings). We are into designing and sewing of wears both male and female. We practically make everything!

 We also teach and graduate tailors and designers. I am just a young man trying to make good clothes, see people wear my clothes and make a living. 

BuzeB clothing started with the sewing and selling of just trousers. We did that for two years, then in my final year in university I took my savings to open a tailoring house and we have been trying hard  to make it bigger. 

The journey so far has being good. There are  a lot of challenges in tailoring especially meeting up with clients’ timing and also getting yourself known. 

Our success story; we were nominated for fashion designer of the year in Benue Youth Choice Award 2017.

 We also showcased in Benue’s Fashion week 2017 and many others opportunities. There are hardly ever opportunities for designers in Nigeria, you just have to work your way to the top.
My dreams is to be one of the best fashion designers on the face of our planet and my wears would sell like Gucci, Prada and so on.
5 years from now, I should be the best designer in Nigeria and I should be selling as much as a thousand wears in a week! 😉  

Aside tailoring, I like cooking. So I  think I  would have been a chef 😁 
The quote “nothing good comes easy” keeps me going.
My shout out goes to my family, especially my elder sister for her support since day one, my friends and most especially the most high God almighty…


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