Meet Halima Bakenne 

My name is Bakenne Halima but you can call me “Lima/Leamar” (just go with the flow).

 A graduate of finance from the prestigious University of Lagos. I dumped my certificate to follow my passion- talking and writing. I am a freelance OAP, writer and voiceover artist. I also am a makeup artist(although that is more of a hobby)

My journey to entrepreneurship has not fully started so I am going to skip talking about that!

However, being/getting into the media without a certificate of qualification has been really tough. The hardest part at the beginning for me was not getting my foot in the door (as my charming nature always helps with that 😉 ) but proving that I could actually do it.

So I started my website where I post weekly podcasts about life and relationship and that helped me build my confidence and speaking prowess (if you listen to my earlier podcasts and compare to the latest ones, the difference is very obvious. I sounded like a croach with my high voice looool).

 The dream is to be an impact on this generation and ones to come. Be an inspiration to someone out there by making them believe in the power of dreams!

Hmmmn… In 5 years, the most inspiring speaker, writer AND entrepreneur. Just wait and watch!

I am really a homebody, so movies, gisting and some snuggling  🙈 

If you dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough! Also Matt 25:15 keeps me going. 

My shoutout and love goes to every one out there grinding. Keep your head up! Pay day is almost here!!


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