Meet The Cynophile 

My name is Oreoluwa Oduko but different people have different nicknames for me, depending on our relationship ….😁

I am a lawyer by profession but I have more experience in marketing and brand advertisement. 

I actually started off marketing bags for a lady. Then I had opportunity to work with Jumia as a sales representative.
 During the 6 months ASUU strike back in 2013, I had my first experience with dogs (I have always loved them) and the pet world generally.

I developed real interest in animals and with my marketing skills, I started selling them. I had a dream of owning the largest pet and pet accessory store in the country, but life happened and all of that has been on hold for a while.

The biggest challenge, especially at the beginning was Nigerians attitude towards pets. Also, bad breeders who do not take their time to care for the animals have flooded the market and are selling not well bred dogs. People who do not know much about dogs have been misled by them and this gives tough time when I have to do business with the misled customers. Luckily, I think things are changing now,  although we still have a long way to go.

The upside however is having people that do not know me from anywhere send me huge amounts of money for dogs and I am able to deliver the dog to them without any issues. That, for me, coupled with being able to meet up targets and achieve the short term goals I have set for myself, is a great achievement. Follow pawsnaija on instagram and Twitter. 

One day, I want to own an animal farm, if possible branch into growing my own food. 

What I do for fun: I watch a lot of crime and detective shows, I love music a lot as well, I like to dance, I like to swim. I love to travel too, but the economy is one kind…. 😁 

I just want to be able to take care of my needs and provide for my family and friends.

I do not want to ever suffer, that is what keeps me going.


2 thoughts on “Meet The Cynophile 

  1. This is a lovely occupation you fell in love with, I’ve been a lover of pets since I was little but never had the idea bout marketing them… 😁😷. So I would say u’re really doing a great job dear. Keep it up


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